Early Intervention Unit (EIU)

It was started in August 2011, especially designed to provide services to children in the age group of 0-6 years, who have either some confirmed disability or developmental delay.

Learning Centre (SLC)

The main idea behind SLC is a follow up to the EI program in order to cater children falling in the age group of 7-17 years of age.

Out-Patient Department (OP)

OP was the first program at Sankalp, and is always the first engagement point with any child, whereby a detailed assessment is conducted to find out areas of concern.

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

CBR is the most recent programme started in April 2017, with the intention that not everyone with need can reach out to us as there is not much awareness in smaller or rural areas, hence we would go to them.


Sankalp is one of a kind rehabilitation and training center working with physical and mental disability amongst children in the age group of 0-17 years. Physical disability here means not being able to use body because of delay or halt in body’s development at usual pace. Some of the examples of physical disability are: Cerebral Palsy and other Neuromotor disorders etc. Mental disability here means not being able to use higher mental skills such as abstract thinking, logical reasoning, judgment, problem solving etcetera. Some of the examples of mental disability are: Autism, Down syndrome etcetera.

This center was started on 16th January, 2010 and as on September 2017 has intensively engaged with 536 children. Sankalp’s aim is to provide rehabilitation through therapy, education support and activities of daily living training for children with disability to attain their maximum motor, sensory, cognitive and functional development.

What Parents Say

News and Events

Sankalp believes that cultural understanding and celebration are very much a part of children’s growth. Hence, over the year Sankalp celebrates mostly all festivals and everyone’s birthday. Besides which there are some other special occasions which are celebrated as important events at the center. These are as follows:-

  • Foundation Day- 16th January
  • Autism Awareness Month- April
  • World Autism Day- 2nd April
  • Mother’s Day- second Sunday of May
  • Friendship’s Day- first Sunday of August
  • World Physiotherapy Day- 8th September

Area of work

Activities of Daily Living Training
Clinical and Functional assessment
Early Intervention
Early Literacy
Early screening and assessment of high risk deliveries
Home Modifications
Language and Communication Training
Neurodevelopment Treatment (NDT)
Orientation and Mobility Training
Parent Training and Counseling
Sensory Integration Therapy
Oral Placement Therapy(OPT)
Vision Stimulation Therapy
Brain Gym