To create a world in which equal rights and inclusion in society of children with disability exists.


The foundations of Sankalp were laid with the realization that “ALL CHILDREN CAN AND WILL LEARN”.

Sankalp was started by two friends Jaya Bhavsar and Ruchi Dixit who had done their Bachelor’s in Physiotherapy and thereafter was on a journey of finding out their niche. The exposures they got during their internships got them introduced to the domain of pediatric. In regards to explore this field, both of them got in touch with ‘Vidya Sagar’, an eminent organization based in Chennai working in the field of disability for about three decades now. After receiving an extensive training in Pediatric at Vidya Sagar, both of them learnt about services relating to assessment unit, early intervention, elements of occupation therapy, elements of special education and many others. This gave them enough motivation to begin Sankalp as a Not for Profit organization registered under Society Act of Rajasthan. It started in a small shop of a complex, where the major focus in the beginning was on physiotherapy, but as the work grew both of them understood the importance of rehabilitation and started using holistic approach. Sankalp is run in a rented place with enough space and resources along with a proper office set up since August 2011. Over the years, both Jaya and Ruchi have been going for several trainings, advanced courses and workshops themselves, in order to develop their capacities and constantly bring newness in rehabilitation practices. This has been the main reason behind the wide expansion in areas of work, being done at Sankalp cutting across all social and economic backgrounds.

What the visitors say


  • To provide and promote Early Intervention and Rehabilitation services.
  • To extend awareness about disability amongst children, along with spreading awareness about recent therapies.
  • To empower children by maximizing their potential through working on areas like cognition, communication, motor, sensory etcetera vis-à-vis age appropriate development milestones.
  • To empower and assist families, majorly parents of children with disability around caring and management processes through training and periodic meetings.
  • To provide free and/or subsidized rehabilitation services to children who come from low economic and social backgrounds.
  • To provide access to education, public spaces and acceptance in accessing public spaces for children with disability.
  • To organize/ conduct regular training and workshops for staff members, care-givers, volunteers and students around various physical, mental disability and allied topics.
  • To facilitate formulation of an informal group of parents with children having disability.
  • To form collaborations with schools, colleges, medical professionals, development professionals, special educators and other organizations working in rehabilitation services and issues relating to disability.


Sankalp believes that children with disability can achieve their potential and do wonders if provided with a learning and acceptable environment, with some modifications according to their needs. ‘Clinical Therapeutic and Functional Approach’ runs through the blood of Sankalp Pediatric Rehabilitation Center; whereby the child gets the best of both, formal professional engagement and family partnership through counseling and training. The uniqueness of this center lies in facilitating learning for disabled children in natural environment by making them to learn real thing at real time, instead of creating an artificial highly formal set up.

Sankalp understands and propagates that disability is real and cannot be cured, but through Rehabilitation (the basis of which lies in Neuroplasticity), families and the individual can learn to rejoice living with disability.

Meet Our Team

Our team of rehabilitation specialists helps each individual reach their maximal level of independence in self-care, mobility, communication, cognition and socialization.