As you consider applying, we would like to share that Sankalp is a place to learn and dedicate yourself fully. We believe in collaborative effort and do not discriminate on the basis of any identity. We are open to work with people who come with the intention of understanding the world of Disability and engage as equals with them. Patience and commitment are a must at this place as intervening and interacting with children’s life is not a fortnight’s task, but a regular and consistent engagement that needs to be maintained with immense faith in the process of rehabilitation. We invest in our staff, and expect them to take complete ownership of the center.

Since we work as one strong team it is sometimes demanded to merge and change roles as per the need. It would be an additional advantage if you love spending time with kids, or else we assure you would fall in love with them once you start working with us. Write to us on to apply.   

We are looking for

  • Receptionist- would be expected to know basic computers and, handle front and back office work.
  • Physiotherapist- should have Bachelors and/ or Master’s Degree in Physiotherapy. Would be expected to make therapy plans, conduct them and supervise therapy assistants.
  • Therapy Assistant- would be expected to take up the role of helper in Therapy; handle Equipment’s arrangement; and engaging with child in play.
  • Teacher Assistant- would be expected to help the core facilitators; play an important role in ADL activities like: toileting, feeding, and hand wash etcetera.
  • Special Educators- should have degree in B. Ed. In special education. Would be expected to do lesson planning, teaching (executing the curriculum), ADL training, preparing accessible material for learning.