Rituraj is from Udaipur, he was the first child to come to Sankalp, he came in at the age of 3.5 years and continued coming to the center till he was 9 years old. Rituraj is a child with ‘Cerebral Palsy’.

His mother Sonal is the primary care taker of him. She has a PHD in Physics, and she was a Guest Lecturer and a Research Associate at Sukhadia University in Udaipur, until Rituraj was detected with the disorder. He has an elder sister and is very close to his father. While Sonal was giving birth to Rituraj, it so happened that there was oxygen deficiency, in medical terms it is also known as ‘Birth Asphyxia’ and this led to movement disorder. When he came into the center he had no control over his body and couldn’t do any communication relating to his needs relating to hunger, toileting etcetera. Also he had a very low vision. Proper exercises of the muscles relating to chewing and swallowing, along with building his communication skills was the most important intervention. By the age of 6 he got some control of his body, he learnt to sit without any back support. Through physiotherapy, visual simulation, feeding training, communication training and special education (he was in the first batch of EI), within a year he showed a lot of improvement and therefore his parents had put him in a mainstream school. But therapy sessions for him were continued. It is only through Sankalp that Rituraj’s potential could got recognized and nourished. Sonal finds she is very lucky that she has a very supportive family and a strong marriage. Though, she continues to face challenges relating to expectations that Rituraj still has. As of October 2017, Rituraj is 11.5 years old, living and studying in Kendriya Vidhyalaya in Hampi, Karnataka, with his parents. One of the reasons of shifting there is also because he wants to stay around his father.

He loves going out to the park with his parents, listening to music and going for shopping. He is very much attached to both his didi’s (sister) Jaya and Ruchi. And therefore this is a great motivation for him to keep coming back to Udaipur. Rituraj’s therapy is still continuing with another professionals but Sonal continues to take guidance from Jaya and Ruchi even though they are away geographically. This is due to the immense trust family has in Sankalp. Sonal says that “It is only because of Sankalp that we are able to enjoy with Rituraj and he is able to enjoy with us”. Sonal strongly feels that there should be better infrastructure and communication devices (interface), considering that there are many people with disability in our country.