Rudransh is from Delhi, when he started coming to Sankalp he was 4 years old, and now he is going to be 5 in 2017. Rudransh has ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’. He comes from a well to do, highly educated family. His mom, Isha quit her job of Chief Manager at Times of India, Internet department, when Rudransh was diagnosed of Autism.

Rudransh was taken to therapy by her mother at a well built, expensive therapy center, and in the course of 5 months also, the family found that no stone had moved, as Rudransh continued to have a blank gaze. Since Autism is a social disability therefore no communication really takes place and hence the family was not sure as to whether or not Rudransh is understands or listens to them really. Isha had to handle Rudransh and his younger sibling all by herself at home, so she decided to go along with her parents to Dabok where they were moving for a short term project. When she came to Dabok, she had planned for a 15 days of trip, during which she visited couple of schools to find out if they could fit in Rudransh for one or two hours for some engaging activities. But none of those schools allowed, instead she got to know about Sankalp. From Dabok, Udaipur is 25 kilometers away, the first time Isha and her father visited the center they liked it so much that they decided to start with Rudransh’s therapy at Sankalp. Since then, everyday Isha drives up and down 50 kilometers and have been constantly extending her trip. They have not shifted to Dabok per say but are staying back to continue Rudransh’s therapy at Sankalp.

As on September 2017, Isha decided to stay for 6 more months to continue with Sankalp. There are two reasons behind staying back: Firstly, the amount of growth that can be seen in Rudransh is tremendous, Communication Bridge has started building expressions, and also he is not as hyperactive and aggressive as he was before. The satisfaction level is much higher and the fees is very economical than what it was when Rudransh was taken for therapy in Delhi, where the parents had to shell off their pockets crazily. Secondly, Isha found someone to speak to (in Jaya and Ruchi) who could guide her and make her understand. There has been an amazing attitudinal shift in Isha in regards to understanding that his child’s developmental journey is not about going to mainstream school but to be able to do his activities of daily living. Isha also volunteers at the center with a lot of conviction, she involves in feeding kids, doing recreational activities with them etcetera. Rudransh is a very charming and playful kid who likes to jump around and has a good memory. His mother has found a community at Sankalp and she says that “If her life is looked at as food, than Sankalp adds nutritional content in her life”.