Jaya is the Co-founder and Director at Sankalp. She is from Udaipur and has done her bachelors in physiotherapy in 2008. She has received intensive training in Early Intervention, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Vision and Cerebral Palsy, and elements of education from Vidya Sagar, Chennai in 2009. She has done a course on ‘Intervention for young children with vision impairments’ conducted by Vidya Sagar and Perkins (school for blind, USA) in 2011. She is a certified Neuro development therapist (NDT) she got this training from Goa in 2014. She has also received training in sensory integration therapy. She has done many other advanced courses in paediatric rehabilitation. Jaya is a self-made woman, with her resilience and conviction Sankalp today has a strong client base and processes. She believes that without the unconditional support of her mother, Miss Rajul from Vidya Sagar and Ruchi, it wouldn’t have been possible for her to tread on this journey of bringing Sankalp to where it is today. Jaya’s intention is to spread the knowledge that she has of the paediatric rehabilitation domain and hence she is looking forward to expand the Community Based Rehabilitation Programme. For her, Sankalp is life, as all her tensions and stress goes away once she is around kids at the centre. Jaya is a fitness freak and loves exploring new domains. She is also fond of traveling, dancing, singing and listening music.