Ruchi is the Co-founder and Director at Sankalp. She is from Udaipur and has done her bachelors in physiotherapy in 2008. She has received intensive training in Early Intervention, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Vision and Cerebral Palsy, and elements of education from Vidya Sagar, Chennai in 2009. She has done a course on ‘Intervention for young children with vision impairments’ conducted by Vidya Sagar and Perkins (school for blind, USA) in 2011. She has done a diploma in ‘Visual impairment and deaf blindness’ from Perkins school for the blind, USA in 2013. She is ‘Sensory Integration’ trained from Southern university of California. She has done many other advanced courses in paediatric rehabilitation.

Ruchi is a very positive and committed woman and believes that Sankalp is more than world for her. She has got continued help, support and motivation from her parents, therefore she gives a lot of credit to them for what she has been able to achieve in her life. The environment at the centre fills her up with immense energy and she is deeply satisfied with the work she has been doing through Sankalp. Her intention through Sankalp is to push for early intervention. For this to begin with, developmental screening of the kid in early years must become as common as vaccinations, so that disability is screened at the right time as this would be beneficial for the family and the individual to get the right direction in the beginning itself. She looks forward to create support systems at mainstream colleges and schools for the disabled, in the coming future. Ruchi loves going for long drive, listening and singing music, and is always very eager on expanding her knowledge base.